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Lauren Oyler

I interviewed Lauren Oyler about her debut novel Fake Accounts. Originally broadcast here.

Lauren Oyler - Henry Rees-Sheridan
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Liberal arts and ​liberty

A liberal arts degree requires students to study a range of disciplines across the arts, humanities, and sciences. The ‘liberal’ in its title comes from the historical idea that a free person is better served by a broad humanistic education than vocational training. Since 2001, Bard College has run a program offering a liberal arts course to some of the least free people in New York: inmates in the state’s prison system. Originally broadcast here.

Liberal arts and ​liberty - Henry Rees-Sheridan
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Stonewall at 50

Over the past half-century, the Stonewall Uprising has become the most storied event in the history of the LGBT+ rights struggle. But it’s a history that has been—and continues to be—both under-documented and overlooked. There isn’t even a consensus on exactly what transpired on the evening of the Uprising itself.

To find out what forces have shaped the documentation of LGBT+ history, I spoke to two people working to restore and preserve it. Originally broadcast

Stonewall at 50: who makes LGBT+ history? - Henry Rees-Sheridan
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​Ariel Pink​

I interviewed Ariel ahead of the release of 'Ariel Archives', a series of reissues of his early work. Originally broadcast here.

Ariel Pink - Henry Rees-Sheridan
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Todd Maisel

Todd Maisel had been a photojournalist in New York City for 36 years at the time of this interview, 18 of which were spent at the Daily News. In 2018 the paper laid off all of its staff photographers, including Todd. This hasn't stopped him from chasing stories. He told me about the challenge posed by citizen journalists, his experience on 9/11, and the "fucking Twitter morons". Originally broadcast here.

Todd Maisel - Henry Rees-Sheridan
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