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Whatever your role in the wedding, I can work with you to ensure you deliver a speech that’s as warm as it is funny.

I write every speech myself, based entirely on my one-on-one work with you. That means no outsourcing, no templates, and no AI-generated content.


This is all about articulating your thoughts and feelings in your voice, to produce a speech only you can deliver.


I love taking the stress out of speechwriting and turning it into a fun opportunity for self-expression. 

4-9 minute speech


My simple process

Step 1: I interview you about your role in the wedding, and what you want to say in your speech


Step 2: I write a first draft


Step 3: We revise it together

Step 4: ​I make changes according to your feedback


Step 5: We repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’re satisfied


Step 6: I help you format the speech in whatever way works best for you

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