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Do you need help with your radio or podcast script?

Of all the aspects of my job, the one I enjoy the most is writing and refining scripts.


I've recently had some highly rewarding experiences helping others improve their scripts. So I’ve decided to start a script consultation service.

Why work with me?

Since 2015 I’ve written hundreds of scripts for news shows, culture programs, and short films in a variety of formats and for a wide range of presenter voices.

Most of my work has been for Monocle 24, the international radio branch of Monocle magazine. My writing also appears regularly in Monocle’s print publications and email newsletters (and elsewhere).


I’ve written a lot, and the vast majority of my writing has been script work.

Now I want to apply this experience to a broader range of projects and work with new people.


How I can help

I can take a variety of approaches depending on the nature of the project and your needs.


Some of the ways I could enhance your script include:


+ Making sure it's linguistically and conceptually consistent

+ Increasing its listenability and flow

+ Making it more entertaining (or measured / tense / fast-paced / whatever you want)

+ Bringing out the best in a show’s presenters

+ Figuring out a format that works for you

+ Highlighting any broader problems with a project that are reflected in scripting issues


Who could benefit from this

Anyone who wants help with their podcast, radio, or film script.


I’m open to working on anything from the strangest passion project to the most straightforward corporate series. (I have experience with both.)


For anyone who’s interested, I’m offering a free 20-minute, no-obligation consultation. We can discuss your project and your scripting concerns. (If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll say so.)


If you want to move ahead after this consultation, my day rate is $250. (Price is subject to change depending on how the first few months of this go.)


To book a consultation
Please send a brief description of your project to

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