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An architectural profile of Boston City Hall | Monocle, February 2022

150_3_X_Expo_City halls.jpg



'Mission satement' (visiting the new home of the Permanent Mission of the UAE to the UN) The Forecast, November 2021



'Office politics' (a report on the future of coworking) Monocle, May 2021




Interview with architect Angela Brooks about sustainable building Monocle, March 2021




'Cleaning up their act' (a report on graffiti removal efforts in NYC) | Monocle, March 2021




Report on the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective | Monocle, November 2020

138_B_Lab cities.jpg



Q&A about Pittsburgh's Hilltop Urban Farm with Executive Director John Bixler | Monocle, November 2020

138_B_City farms_John Bixler.jpg



'How to move a museum' (about the Museum of London's relocation) |The Forecast, January 2017

Museum of London_Monocle Forecast 2017.j




Home comforts (a report on the BassamFellows design show 'Carve, Curve, Cane') |The Monocle Minute, 30th June 2021

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